Best professional electric hard skin remover in the UK market

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Foot care is essential to prevent dry skin, calluses, and pain while walking, as well as to keep your feet healthy. And with the amount of walking one does in the UK, feet the health of feet needs attention. One of the easiest ways to do so is with an electric foot file without having to take an expensive trip to the salon.

Why an electric foot file you may ask? First, because it is so much more convenient compared to a manual one. You simply have to plug it in and let it do its job. Also, you will get consistent results throughout your foot as it uses electric units. 

Here are our top 5 picks for the professional electric hard skin remover available in the UK:

Our selection of the best professional electric hard skin remover available in the UK market in 2020!

1. BOMPOW Electronic Foot File

2. Powerful Electric Foot Hard Skin Remover Rechargeable

3. MYCARBON Professional Rechargeable Pedicure

4. Electric Hard Skin Remover by Own Harmony

5. Hangsun Pedicure Hard Skin Remover SR150

1 - BOMPOW Electronic Foot File

BOMPOW Electronic Foot File

This electric foot file comes with a USB cable and 2 grinding heads. The white grinding head is coarse to remove old hard and thick calluses while the black one is good enough for people with mildly tough skin. 

It has a built-in 1500mAh battery which makes it portable and powerful.  You can take off the head after usage and wash it with water to clean it. We found the BowPow to be useful to tackle chapped heels, corn, parched skin, foot calluses and cracked skin. It comes in 2 colours: pink and blue. It does not take more than 2 or 3 minutes to work its magic on the foot and pulverizes the gunk into dust.

Product key selling point: Powerful battery which means this foot file can do the job quickly on all kinds of skin. In fact, this foot file is so powerful that it may hurt you if you use it for too long. So if you want beautiful feet without spending too much time or effort, this is for you.

2 - Powerful Electric Foot Hard Skin Remover Rechargeable

Powerful Electric Foot Hard Skin Remover Rechargeable

This Care me skin remover comes with 2 coarse rollers made of micro-minerals to give you smooth feet. It works well for both men and women to give a salon-like effect without the expenses of course!

This foot file has a superior 800 mah Nickel-Hydride battery that takes 8 hours to charge fully and can run for 40 continuous minutes. This powerful battery action allows for 40 turns/sec of the roller which as you can imagine, tackle rough skin easily. 

As for its weight, it is pretty light at 283g and has an ergonomic shape and handle that allows people with less mobility to use it easily.

Product key selling point: Highly water-resistant and is easy to clean with water after usage. It is also an affordable option.

3 - MYCARBON Professional Rechargeable Pedicure

MYCARBON Professional Rechargeable Pedicure

The MYCARBON foot filer features 2 adjustable speeds and 3 different roller heads which sets it apart from competitors. The highest speed is 2800rpm which you should use if you have stubborn calluses. With a rechargeable 600mAh battery, this device can be fully charged in 2 hours and runs for about hours continuously. But if you’re not very vigilant with the charging, you can use the foot file while charging it. 

The roller is operational at 360° angles and flashes LED lights which ensure the clear vision while you use the tool. If you have hard calluses, we recommend that your feet are dry before use.

The MYCARBON foot filer can be cleaned easily by running water over the roller. The protective cover is a bonus as it can be placed on a desk without it rolling over and hurting someone.

Product key selling point: Three different rotating heads allow for greater customization and the micro-beads covering it will avoid cuts. 

4 - Electric Hard Skin Remover by Own Harmony

Electric Hard Skin Remover by Own Harmony

This Electric skin remover from Own Harmony will give you a spa treatment at home thanks to its ergonomic features and a strong motor with a quartz roller head. 

This electric skin remover comes with a USB charger, Protective Cover and a cleaning brush. This foot file comes with an in-built rechargeable battery which lasts for a whopping 750 hours. Using this foot file is simple, charge your device for 8 hours, push the power button and glide the tool over your feet. 

The star of the show is certainly the 360-degree roller which rotates at a speed of 50x/second. This makes the device as efficient as a  pedicure minus the cost and it can handle tough skin quite well. The roller is convex-curved so that it has 11% more surface area than previous versions of the filer. The roller consists of coarse quartz micro-crystals that gently tackle tough skin. Safety is equally important as efficiency and this Own Harmony filer uses pressure-sensitive technology to protect the foot from cuts and irritation.

Product key selling point: At 150 Grams, this is a really light skin remover but don’t let its size fool you- this is small but mighty. With a 360-degree roller which can take 50 rotations per second, this Own Harmony skin remover can definitely smoothen your skin.

5 - Hangsun Pedicure Hard Skin Remover SR150

Hangsun Pedicure Hard Skin Remover SR150

If you have really calloused skin on your feet and moisturizing isn’t helping, the Hangsun foot file can give you relief. The Hangsun Pedicure Hard Skin remover comes with a cleaning brush, extra roller and a power plug. The large roller can handle anything from stubborn calluses, skin cracks, dry skin and rough feet.

It can be recharged so there is no hassle of buying and replacing batteries. There is a power plug at the bottom for ease of charging. The good part is that there is a charge indicator so that you can charge at the right time. It has an anti-slip body design is also waterproof so you can use it safely in your bathroom. However, keep in mind that your feet should be dry before using the device. 

Product key selling point: The Hangsun skin remover does the job without being messy. The foot file has a groove in its design which stores the removed dead skin and prevents it from flying around and making a mess. 


Buying an electric hard skin remover? Read this first.

We’ve given you our top choices and to make your choice easier, here are some characteristics that you need to keep in mind:


Battery-powered foot files are cheaper in some cases portable. But it is a hassle to keep spare batteries on hand all the time. So foot files powered with electricity are convenient and portable at times. Plus they are better for the environment. 


Skin is softer and more tameable when its wet and many people would like using a foot roller after a shower. In this case, it would be good to have a waterproof or water-resistant roller as it will not corrode or malfunction in the presence of moisture.

Compact & Lightweight

Ideally, a foot file should be compact, lightweight with a large file surface. This large file surface will offer you a quick corn and calluses removal job. If you want to take your foot file with you when you travel, you wouldn’t want it to be bulky and heavy. So choose one that can easily fit in your bag even with its charging attachments.


If you have really stubborn calluses or regular build-up of roughness in your heels, you might have to go for a powerful foot file. In such cases, the material of the roller is vital. However, don’t go overboard and overuse the file over your skin. If you have regular skin and want something to smoothen your skin, a nickel-metal manual file is the better choice. 


Good design makes the foot roller easier to use. Features like an open roller, removable head and variable speed make the experience pleasant. A long handle will also make holding the foot file for long periods more comfortable.